Our mission at Runner's High is " To strive to assist members of the community in their eternal quest to reach their true potential - physically, mentally and spiritually, in a holistic, sustainable and enjoyable manner"

"Runner's High" - The name is a pun signifying the two important aspects of what the organization strives to do -
  • Bring running and fitness sports to everyone in the community irrespective of their backgrounds and to help each individual reach their potential in the truest sense - this feeling of reaching one's own potential through sports and enjoying the whole process is what we call a 'Runner's High'.
  • In the current state of affairs, education for children is perceived in a narrow fashion as academics and specialized technical training that's NOT hands-on. We hope to break out of this trend to open everyone's mind to a different perspective - an alternative based on experiential learning. Running and sports are one of many experiences that opens up a world of learning for the child - hence, the term 'Runner's High' refers to a new learning space that breaks the notion of a restricted area, physically or mentally, where the child should learn.