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We designed a pilot program that was a performance focused training program for Auroville Half and Full marathan (Febrauary 15, 2008). The goal was to help the runners not just reach the finish line, but also finish strong. We made an honest effort to train and help the runners reach their potential.ie. do their personal best at the race.

 What did we offer

  - Personalized attention (available by chat, phone and email) and customized schedule (had one main schedule and worked out modifications)

  - Organized workouts - 3 times a week

  - 8 core strengthening work shops at B2F (one every week of the program)

  - 4 stretching work shops at B2F (Once every 2 weeks)

What did they commit

  - Commitment and time towards the schedule

  - A monetary compensation

Testimonials :

"I enjoyed the whole experience immensely. Being a "senior veteran", one tends to blame age for a lot of shortcomings. After this program, I realized that it is possible to be as good as anybody else with proper training & determination. Santhosh & Rajat- You guys rock ! Your passion for running & promoting it amazes me. Keep up the great work !"

"I couldn't go to Auroville which was a bummer but it's been awesome. 8 weeks were enjoyable. The speed workouts helped, goal paced runs were helpful. I could see the difference between the first and second attempts at 26K, when I held the pace. I have been able to learn how much I could push myself, actually I am probably lot better than I have given myself credit for in the past. Thanks so much. Other than that, I think I met a wonderful group of folks. I would like to help out in any way in what you are planning."

"Very enjoyable and a sense of fulfillment. Would like to continue."

"I joined this program little late and ended up missing one long run and couple of week day runs. But over all experience has been great. Running with a group with a common goal helps so much better. I always wanted to run more loops thinking that will help me do better at the marathon. But that seems so untrue. I need to be focused on the schedule and that's all what it needs to achieve personal best."

"It has been a great experience.. Thanks for your time!"

"From tiring out at 6 kms to finishing a half marathon in 2hrs:17 mins that too in just 2 fun filled months. What more can I ask ?"

Personal Best @Auroville

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