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Our programs cater to anyone committed to pursuing an active goal or lifestyle and chooses to participate regardless of talent, ability or fitness level.
We have training programs for all, from beginners being introduced to running to elite runners.
The distances we cater to are

1. Couch to 10 km
2. Half Marathon (21 km)
3. Full Marathon (42 km)
4. Ultra marathons:
    a. Beyond 42 km: Eg. 50 km, 50 miles, 100 km etc
    b. multi-day events

Our goal is to provide you professional and expert help in getting you to the finish line injury free and help you reach your potential. While providing this to you within the bigger Runner's High community, we make sure that personal attention to your well being is not lost.

We understand that training for an event or a goal is not just about getting together for a run in the weekends or even less frequently. We strive to provide you a detailed schedule every week, concentrating on various aspects of training - improving lung capacity, endurance, muscle strength, cross training etc.

We've found a way to tie all of the most important elements of training into a neat package, pulling together expertise and community to make running enjoyable and life-changing. Come run with us.

Personal Best @Auroville

Auroville 10K

Auroville Half Marathon

Auroville Marathon

Sunfeast 10 km

Kaveri 10K

Kaveri Half Marathon/Bangalore Ultra 25K

Kaveri Marathon/Bangalore Ultra 50K/75K/100K