Runner's High is a new initiative based out of Bangalore, India. We provide coaching and training for runners or walkers, whether novice or advanced. We offer programmes designed, and led by a team of expert coaches, and  sports medicine specialists, who are themselves runners of repute. Here is our website -http://www.runnershigh.in

We have trained a lot of runners for Sunfeast 10K, Kaveri Trail races, Bangalore Ultra, Mumbai marathon and Auroville runs. All our runners thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
The training and coaching constitutes one aspect of Runner's High, while our primary intent is to reach out to children - to perceive running and physical activity as an integral part of education. You can read more about our efforts with children here - http://www.runnershighkids.blogspot.com/
Please do support us by registering for the training programs or spreading word amongst your friends who are looking for professional, sensitive and structured coaching.


"I enjoyed the whole experience immensely. Being a "senior veteran", one tends to blame age for a lot of shortcomings. After this program, I realized that it is possible to be as good as anybody else with proper training & determination. You guys rock ! Your passion for running & promoting it amazes me. Keep up the great work !" - Chandra Gopalan, Master Franchisor, Contours International Gyms, PB @ Auroville program, Feb 2009
"I couldn't go to Auroville which was a bummer but it's been awesome. 8 weeks were enjoyable. The speed workouts helped, goal paced runs were helpful. I could see the difference between the first and second attempts at 26K, when I held the pace. I have been able to learn how much I could push myself, actually I am probably lot better than I have given myself credit for in the past. Thanks so much. Other than that, I think I met a wonderful group of folks. I would like to help out in any way in what you are planning." - Gautham Sadashiva, Manager/ SW Professional at Wipro, PB @ Auroville program, Feb 2009
"Very enjoyable and a sense of fulfillment. Would like to continue." - Manish Sharma, Co-founder, Printo, PB @ Auroville program, Feb 2009

"I joined this program little late and ended up missing one long run and couple of week day runs. But over all experience has been great. Running with a group with a common goal helps so much better. I always wanted to run more loops thinking that will help me do better at the marathon. But that seems so untrue. I need to be focused on the schedule and that's all what it needs to achieve personal best." - Anjana Deepak, Mangager/ IT Division/Accenture, PB @ Auroville program, Feb 2009

"It has been a great experience.. Thanks for your time!" - Abnash Singh, C.T.O, UCB Ltd., PB @ Auroville program, Feb 2009

"From tiring out at 6 kms to finishing a half marathon in 2hrs:17 mins that too in just 2 fun filled months. What more can I ask ?" - Vinay Sharma, CTO, Printo, PB @ Auroville program, Feb 2009

"I started off running last year and since then I just kept running without paying much attention to different forms of training (such as interval/easy/tempo) or for that matter stretches/gait etc. The training was a revelation as it ensured that we not just run, but also run correctly.

Being a runner (or rather a fast jogger!), I have experienced the highs and the lows (as well), but one thing which I've always wanted to do is
1) A 21K in less than 2:30 hrs. (My best has been 2:45)
2) A 10K less than 1 hour

And am banking on Runner's High to experience my real 'high'!" - Vidya Sampath, S/W Professional, Sunfeast 10K Program, May 2009
"My experience with Runner's High was as good as it gets! I have realized my strenghts, handled my short comings, made fun of others and while doing all of this, made some great friends. I think it has been an experience which has made me realize that running can be lots of fun if done with the right set of people. Again, keep up the great work!" -

"I had a fantastic experience which helped kickstart my running activity after almost 10 years. It was great because i went from  a stage where rubning 2-3 km 2 days a weeks used to result in knee pains which would prevent from running the rest of the week.

This program has given me the confidence to run longer distances which looked pretty much unattainable 12 weeks ago." - Akshay Murthy, Manager, Sales, Tejas Networks, Sunfeast 10K Program, May 2009

"Difficult to express my joy in words. I feel really elated after the KTL. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would run a long distance, especially 21K. Thanks to RH. I enjoyed the first 15K of the run though it was getting hot and humid. But the last 4 K was tough and made the run appear more like an attempt to escape the scorching heat! I was desperately looking forward to see the mark'3K'. In my anxiety at some point of time, from far, i mistook a paper that had fallen on the ground for the "3K' mark :-)
I realised the importance of carrying an ipod as I saw people with their i-pods running better than those without any music gadget. Guess, music distracts and helps us keep going!
In all, when I look back, I still find it difficult to beleieve that I HAVE DONE IT!

BUT I HAVE DONE IT! HIP HIP HURRAY!" - Jyothi A.H, Head of Legal, Aditya Birla Textiles, Kaveri Trails Training Program, September 2009

"If i don't have to sound poetic, I will use the word Beautiful. It is journey where i discovered a part of myself. I learnt quite a few things.. Running is like life, one has to run his own run . No matter what u are and where u are  you got run your own run. Life/Running is not competition is with anyone, it is competition with yourself, you are competing with your best.

Running is not focus on losing weight(-Ve affirmation - its like you got to lose something)infact running is postive
affirmation - here u are gaining something, you are gaining fitnes...you are chasing your target.You learn to focus on right things.

It was beautiful experience to here people telling me i am athlete..and i would say that no i am not a athelete i am frozen chicken who is out of fridge just for the run. Insidei felt very good...Transformation from being labeled as couch potato to being called an athlete...

This is miracle of being with a group who are highly motivated and have good intention.

Please keep up the good work, Not all people may land up running a marathon but I am sure they are better equipped to run their own lives. I had promised someone that I would run 10KM give them as their Birthday present. Thanks for making that dream come true.

Looking forward for 12.5 KM...

Thanks Santhosh, Manish, Chandra ,Gautham and Preeti and all other coaches i do truly feel lika rock star :)

You are miracle....continue to change lives..." - Vedashree, S/W Professional, Wipro, Kaveri Trails Training Program, September 2009

"Excellent experience. I took a long time to decide on whether I should even join a session like this but in hindsight I can say that it was absolutely the best decision. The program served to motivate me without getting preachy or pushy. I got all the right advice & amazing support. At the same time, I got my space to work things out for myself. That balance was something I really appreciate." - Vinod Madabusi, IT Professional, Bangalore Ultra Training Program, November 2009

"I had an absolutely great time training with Runner's High ... Thanks to all the running, I have become fitter and I feel much better about myself ... Its no longer a training program for me ... Runner's High now constitutes a group of friends with whom I look forward to running every weekend ...  " - Ajay Ganesh, Hardware Design Engineer, NVIDIA, Bangalore Ultra Training Program, November 2009

"- for me running has been a kind of discovery - feel i have re-invented myself.
- i feel fitter than what i was 10 years ago
- my Cholestrol is down 10% (I was on the upper limit when i started)
- The experience when I stride alone on tuesday morning is something I long for - I cannot describe the feeling
- After about 11 months of running - I am prompted to look at this sport seriously and have egged myself to write a goal
- I am much more calmer
- my resting heart rate is down - somewhere between 45 to 50" - U G Murthy, IT, Shell, Bangalore Ultra Training Program, November 2009

"I had joined Runners High to start running and participate in Auroville 2010 - 10 KM run. This was my first attempted long run, my last run was 300 m that too in desperation to catch a train! I am very pleased that I was able to complete the training and run in Auroville without injury. I thoroughly enjoyed the training program spanning over two months. The Runner's High program is the best, it has lot of personal attention and all aspects like fitness, nutrition and running form are covered. I have signed up for the next program and I hope that I can participate in all their programs. This program is highly recommended for anyone who is starting to run or seasoned runners who are looking for good company to run." - Prakash Krishnamachari, IT Professional, Auroville Trails Training Program, Feb 2010

"For someone who has never run in life, I could not believe that I could run 10K! It is a great feeling and thanks to the whole team.
Murthy and Shiva kept us well entertained in the Bus. The whole experience was superb! Felt like being in college again." - Rukmini GR, Home maker, Auroville Trails Training Program, Feb 2010

"It was a lovely experience running and training wit u guys..Hats of to santosh and team for all the support and health...U guys really rock" - Karthik Anand, Director, Bangalore City Properties, Auroville Trails Training Program, Feb 2010