Our Mission

To bring running and fitness sports to everyone in the community irrespective of their backgrounds and to help each individual reach their potential in the truest sense. To create a new learning space that breaks the notion of a restricted area, physically or mentally, where anyone should learn.

Our Values

Environment and Communities

All decisions and actions as a community will be made ensuring least or zero impact to the environment, constantly re-evaluating and improving our processes and systems.


We would strive to make ourselves better every time and consider it as disrespect to our members if we can't provide the same or better quality of experience.

Team and management

Our approach to building our team will be to find people who like what we do and are passionate about their interests. We would request members, who believe in values of the community, to join us and would strive to represent cultural, ethnic and gender diversity in the team.


"We don't exist to make a profit and a living. We make a profit and a living in order to exist”. Making a profit will be seen in perspective of making the community sustainable and providing a good quality of life for the members of our community.


Philanthropy will not be seen as an entity distinct from the Values, Functioning and Philosophy of the community. In every effort we are involved with, we will try and strive towards a more equal and just society.

Communication and transparency

We will maintain complete transparency within the team on the finances and functioning. We will follow an open door system where any member of the community can walk in and voice their opinion, complaint or suggestion without fear of being discriminated.


5 KMs

This is our beginner training program and is open to all ages above 5 years

10 KMs

We consider our 10km program a good start for someone with some background of fitness

Half Marathon

This program is for those who have done multiple 10K training seasons and are looking for a different challenge

Full Marathon Base Building

This program is tailored as a preparatory program for full marathon

Full Marathon

This program is designed for those who want to pursue their running journey towards successfully completing a distance of 42.2km

Ultra Marathon

Runners High offers this program for all distances above 42.2 kms