Congratulations to each one of you for the successful and unique event - Unity Week 2021! We successfully met our goal of crossing 15,000+kms and introducing 1000+ people to exercise!

As a gesture of appreciation for your wonderful efforts we would like to award you a certificate! Please enter your email ID to download the same.

Runner's High Unity Week FAQ

  • What is the Runner’s High Unity Week about?
  • We as a community are coming together for a virtual running event. As a community all of us will run for 7 days trying to cover 15,000 kms in total and also get 1000 non-active people from our circles to do at least 90 minutes of exercise in the same week

  • Why do we need an event like Runner’s High Unity Week now?
  • As you all are aware, we are going through one of the toughest phases as humanity with this pandemic. Every aspect of life has been affected. The sport we love and the activity that has defined our purpose and lives in many ways has also been affected. During such times it's easy to get sucked into the negativity and lose heart. But, we as a community know how not to fall into that trap!

    Runner's High has always believed in Co-operation, Compassion and Love! Running events across the world have been cancelled and everyone is setting various goals in order to stay motivated and focused. We at Runner's High plan to create unique events that will bring us all together and make us stronger! Events that will create a more beautiful community that encourages and helps each other grow!

  • When is it going to happen?
  • Jan 4, 2021, Monday to Jan 10, 2021, Sunday

  • What am I supposed to do?
  • As part of the event, every Runner’s High runner will not only run every day of the week, but the runner will also encourage and help at least 3 non-active family members or friends to do at least 90 minutes of easy exercise over the 7 days.

  • How much should I run each day?
    • Those in 5K program: 20 minutes every day for 7 days
    • Those in 10K program: 5K every day for 7 days
    • Those in Half marathon program: 7.5K every day for 7 days
    • Those in Marathon Base building and Marathon program: 10K every day for 7 days
    • Those in Ultra training program: 15-21K every day for 7 days (as conveyed by your coach)

    NOTE: Doing more than what is stated above will be overtraining. Listen to your coaches and decide. If you would like to do less, if nursing any niggles or issues etc. please do discuss with your coach.

  • We have always had recovery/rest days in between workout days? Isn’t this idea of continuous running for a week contradicting our training methodology or philosophy?
  • There are different training methodologies that we have espoused and adapted for our community over time. Our philosophy of being injury free and making running a lifelong pursuit still remains the same. This Unity week is only a unique way to bring us all together, try out a new training methodology and let our body learn to adapt. Some of us tried this out and felt it has a few benefits of letting your body adapt to a new regimen and also mentally, it helps to shake up monotony and bring new energy. Having said that, we don’t see this as a mainstay or a regular training method. We can see this as a one-time unique event.

  • I love this concept! Can I just continue doing this and see how many days I can go?
  • Strictly NO. As mentioned above, this is only a novel way to shake things up. It is not advisable to get into a streak for too long and you risk injuries and won’t be able to bring in any variety into your training. We discussed and arrived at 7 days of running as a safe enough period to try this out for everyone. So, let’s follow the schedule and do this as a community.

  • Is there a registration fee?
  • NO. It is free for all members of Runner’s High.

  • How can I register my friends/family member for this RH Unity Week Run?
  • There is no separate registration required. You need to provide their details in the RH app. Please refer to the steps below:

    • a. Log into RH app using
    • b. Click on the ‘Profile’ tab:
      Responsive image
    • c. You will find Unity Week (Jan 4- 10, 2021) as one of the options:
      Responsive image
    • d. If you click on that you will see the below fields where you can provide the Name and Email IDs of your family members/friends whom you want to enroll to this run. Once you enter the name and the email ID, you must click the Add button on the right side:
      Responsive image
    • e. Follow the same step to add multiple names/email IDs:
      Responsive image
    • f. In case you want to remove any of the names, you need to click on Remove button

  • How to track my runs during RH Unity Week Run?
  • All runners except those training for 5K, have to track the runs through RH app ( ). You need to log in to RH app as usual and in addition to logging the details about the run, you will also provide the actual distance you ran for each day. This fields related to Unit Week run will be available from 4th January, Monday:
    Responsive image

  • How can my friends/family members can track their runs/workouts for this RH Unity Week Run?
  • Your friends/family members will not have access to RH app to track the workouts. You have to track the workout duration for them in the RH app. You will see list of all the runners you referred for this Unity week run in the app starting from 7th September. You need to enter the duration of the workout each of the runner carried out for that day:
    Responsive image

  • What sort of exercise is OK?
  • Any exercise i.e. slow walk, yoga, climbing stairs, cycling etc. is fine. We recommend not more than 15-20 mins and just for a few days in the week. This is for folks who have no exercise background and have not been advised by doctors against any activity. Children and senior citizens can also participate in light activities like walking and yoga. DON’T recommend any rigorous activity or make anyone new to exercise push themselves unnecessarily. We only want them to get interested and start in a gentle manner. You can also use the plan we have given out in public for anyone interested in starting exercise. The video is here

  • Is there any age range for participants outside Runner’s High?
  • Not really. However for children below 5 years and senior citizens we recommend you get a go ahead from your physician for gentle exercise. Don’t force anyone, but do encourage.

  • Are there certificates?
  • Yes! We will give e-certificates to every participant and also the friends and family who participate along with you.

  • How will you track our progress as individuals and as a team?
  • Every Runner’s High runner can use the existing RH App to log their kms and also enter information on their ‘referrals’. 5K runners will have a simple google form to do the same. More details will be provided closer to the kick-off.

  • How fast should I run each day?
  • It does not matter whether you are on a time goal or finish goal, you will have to run easy on all the 7 days for the stipulated kms. Easy running means you run at a pace where you can converse freely. Objective is to only finish the distance and not meet any time targets.

  • What if I miss a day?
  • It is completely fine! Nobody is judging you here. We are trying to learn about our body. If you find it hard or feel like resting one of the days, please go ahead! We will still count your efforts and you will get a certificate for total distance covered in the 7 days. Just DON’T make up for it on any other day. A missed day is a missed day. The other days just do distances as earlier planned or as per schedule.

  • Will there be any Strength Training, Yoga or Online sessions during that week?
  • In that week there will be no Strength Training as we would like to not overload the body. However, we will have Yoga and also a session on stretches and foam rolling to help aid effective recovery. Our usual Sunday Information sessions will continue.

  • If I fall sick or feel not too good on any day, is it ok to skip?
  • It is completely fine! Nobody is judging you here. We are trying to learn about our body. If you find it hard or feel like resting one of the days, please go ahead! We will still count your efforts and you will get a certificate for total distance covered in the 7 days. Priority is your health and well being always!